Chester County Sheriff’s Office
South Carolina

Chester County Detention Center
2740 Dawson Drive
Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 581-2602 or (803) 385-2606
Fax: (803) 581-0713 or (803) 377-1812
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM  

Mission Statement

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division is committed to providing a safe, secure and humane environment. It is our belief that through professionalism, teamwork and personal accountability we will encourage an atmosphere that promotes positive interactions with fellow staff, the public and the inmate population. The Detention Division is an integral part of the Criminal Justice system, and as such we strive to cooperate with all other agencies in a manner conducive to mutual respect. It is our daily pledge to remain Confident, Conscientious, Steadfast, Optimistic, Dedicated and Determined as we seek to be a credit to our profession as well as a source of pride to this agency and the citizens of Chester County.  

Daily Pledge

Confident, Conscientious, Steadfast, Optimistic, Dedicated, Determined

We are
Confident in our ability to carry out daily task in a professional manner, as we are Conscientious of others while performing our duties. We remain Steadfast in our goal to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff, inmates, and the public. Optimistically, we strive to be the best we can be, and continue in our service withDedication and Determination.

DETENTION DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!